NAD Therapy! Too Good to be True?

The colleagues who participated in the whole process which lead to this ebook, took part as fellow human beings and as professional people in interviews, comments and personal support. For this I am sincerely thankful.

NAD Therapy! Too Good to be True?

NAD Therapy!
Too Good to be True?

A Therapeutic Experience with more than 6 000 Sufferers
of Chronic Disorders associated with Energy Metabolic Deficiency

Compiled and Edited


Theo Verwey
MSc (Psychology) (Medunsa)
Registered Clinical Psychologist since 1989


Foreword by Dr Abram Hoffer
(Honoured by the Institute for Functional Medicine
as one of the top 5 pioneers of new medicine for the 21st Century)


When one uses NAD Therapy on a regularly basis
you move into a constant renewal cycle.
The same applies to this ebook

Date last up dated: 24 July 2018




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The colleagues who participated in the whole process which lead to this ebook, took part as fellow human beings and as professional people in interviews, comments and personal support. For this I am sincerely thankful.

Senior Medical Consultant: Dr Sterna Franzsen and Dr IJ Lessing

Medical Consultants: Dr Petrus Retief, Dr André Oertel, Dr Fred van der Riet, Dr Frits Steyn, Dr Ian Hyams, Dr Hendrik van Wyk, Dr Cas Breedt, Dr Bernard van Heerden, Dr Nelis Marais, Dr Anton Botha, Dr Alida Wolfaard, Dr Alta Smit, Dr Tanja Redelinghuys, Dr Leon van Heerden, Dr Danie Robbertze, Dr Ria Smuts, Dr Charl Stevens, Dr Erika Coertzen, Dr Paul Dijkstra, Dr Johan Pretorius, Dr Jabra van Wyk, Dr Jonathan Marchand and Dr Martie Brits

Behavioural-genetic and Biochemical Consultant: Dr Henry Davis

Pastoral Consultants: Dr Vorster Combrink, Rev Charl Botha and Ina Jordaan

Nursing Consultants: Sister Corrie Boy, Sister Anita van der Merwe, Sister Magda Grobler, Sister Marie Visser and Sister Rentia van Zyl

Dietary Consultants: Corné van Zyl, Marie-Henriëtte Botha, Selly Tarlton and Elsabet Scholtz

Psychlogical Consultants: Koos Fourie, Len Kok and Marita van der Riet

Homeopathic Consultant: Dr Johan Oberholzer, Dr Johan Prinsloo and Dr Guido Gillisen

Pharmaceutical Consultant: Tuanette de Beer

Cover design: Werner Verwey

Translation: Carl Konrad

This ebook is dedicated to:

My Loved Ones

May the Lord bless you with:
His love to save your spirit,
His truth to free your soul and
His daily bread to stabilize your body.
By accepting this you will
joyfully complete this journey of life
in humble obedience to His will and
will shine with glorious bodies
in His Kingdom.


This ebook is written in obedience to my Lord's decree:

"Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves.
Protect the rights of all who are helpless."
(Proverbs 31:8)