Hole in the Wall

Diagnosed with colon cancer, a free-spirited man embarks on an illuminating road trip with his son through South Africa.

Gat in die muur (hole in the wall) is essentially a story about discovering life as one goes on your final journey to death. Riaan is a maverick, lives life and all its pleasures.. Money sex and a good swim. He gets diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and chooses to experiment with raw marijuana as a means to at least numb the pain. He brings his one and only son BEN who lives abroad out to south africa to travel with him and the mysterious AVA on a last road trip to his best friend Tony who manages their coffee farm in the transkei. On this last journey he introduces LIFE to his son and to AVA in a manner which is unusual to both of them, showing his son aspects of his life and of life which had been unknown to Ben all this time.