Prescription for Danger

Ivy and Skyler have started a popular web site. Ivy's health suffers from the stress. Her doctor has her scanned. She only has short time to live. She starts on expensive, illegal, experimental drugs. Is the doctor lying?

Workaholic Bostonian Ivy Fisher, who runs a small online business with her best friend and partner Skyler Parsons, has suffered from migraines since she was in college, the stress-related headaches which increased a year ago upon dealing with her mother's passing from cancer, and have been exacerbated of late in preparation to make a pitch to venture capitalists for $10 million to expand the business. She ends up seeing neurologist Dr. Mark Laurie after she faints, and despite his early diagnosis that the way to reduce the migraines is to cut down on the work and that the fainting spell was probably a panic attack about the pitch, he reports back to her upon receiving the results of a plethora of neurological tests that her symptoms are not stress induced but are caused by a brain tumor.