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Stroke NOA RATIO = 44/56

Dietary phytochemical index in relation to risk of stroke

We found evidence indicating a significant inverse association between DPI and odds of stroke in adults.

Hypertension NOA RATIO = 37/63

Dietary phytochemical index and hypertension in adults

Consumption of phytochemical-rich foods may prevent the development of HTN. Further investigations are, however, recommended.

Depression NOA RATIO = 33/67

Dietary phytochemical index and mental health in women

In conclusion, we found a significant association between DPI and mental health in women.

Obesity NOA RATIO = 28/72

Dietary phytochemical index in overweight young adults

The PI is inversely related to adiposity and oxidative stress in healthy young adults, and is responsive to body weight changes. This...

Malignant Glioblastoma NOA Imbalance

Dietary phytochemical index in relation to risk of glioma

High intakes of phytochemical-rich foods were associated with a lower risk of glioma in adults. High consumption of phytochemical-rich...


Dietary phytochemical index and attention-deficit/hyperactivity...

We found that higher DPI score is associated with lower risk of ADHD in children. Cohort and clinical studies are necessary to approve...

Cardiovascular Diseases NOA RATIO = 38/62

Phytochemical index and cardiometabolic risk factors

Higher intakes of phytochemical-rich foods are associated with a lower risk of abdominal obesity and hypertriglyceridaemia as the...

Breast Cancer NOA RATIO = 24/76

Dietary phytochemical index and the risk of breast cancer

Higher intake of phytochemical-rich foods is associated with lower risk of breast cancer.

Physical Exercise & Endurance

Polyphenols and Athletic Performance

Overall, the pooled results show that polyphenols are viable supplements to improve performance in athletes.


Proposal for a dietary "phytochemical index"

Although the PI would provide only a very rough approximation of the quantity or quality of phytochemical nutrition, it nonetheless...

Muscle Development NOA Imbalance

A need for NAD+ in muscle development, homeostasis, and...

This knowledge should facilitate identification of more precise pharmacological and activity-based interventions to raise NAD+ levels...

Breast Cancer NOA RATIO = 24/76

Disulfiram Chelated With Copper Promotes Apoptosis In Human...

The results indicated that DSF-Cu has a potential anti-tumor activity in breast cancer by impairing the mitochondria functions.

Breast Cancer NOA RATIO = 24/76

Disulfiram inhibits NFκB pathway and targets breast cancer

Hypoxia induced NFκB activation is responsible for stemness and chemoresistance in BCSCs. Lipo-DS targets NFκB pathway and CSCs. Further...

Breast Cancer NOA RATIO = 24/76

Disulfiram as a potential therapeutic for triple-negative...

Our results suggest that disulfiram may be repurposed to treat TNBC in combination with doxorubicin.

Breast Cancer NOA RATIO = 24/76

Disulfiram suppresses lung colonization in triple-negative...

These findings warrant further investigation of disulfiram as a potential treatment for metastatic TNBC.

Covid-19 NOA RATIO 33/67

FDA-approved thiol-reacting drugs that potentially bind...

On the other hand, disulfiram, an alcoholism-averting drug, has been previously proposed as an antimicrobial and anti-SARS and MERS...

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