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Obesity NOA RATIO = 28/72

Sceletium May Delay Chronic Disease Progression

We conclude that both Sceletium tortuosum extracts may be employed as either a preventative supplement or complimentary treatment...

Covid-19 NOA RATIO 33/67

Significant Inactivation Of SARS-CoV-2 By A Green Tea Catechin

These results strongly suggest that EGCG, and more remarkably TSA and galloylated theaflavins, inactivate the novel coronavirus.

Covid-19 NOA RATIO 33/67

Curcumin Interact With S Protein Of SARS-CoV2

Protein–protein interaction studies in presence of curcumin or catechin also corroborate the above findings suggesting the efficacy...

Covid-19 NOA RATIO 33/67

Anti-Viral Potential and Modulation of Nrf2 by Curcumin

Currently, the multifactorial property of the diseases and lack of adequate medical treatment, especially in viral diseases, result...

Oral Cancer NOA Imbalance

Anticancer activity of Neem in oral cancer

The anticancer properties of neem were evaluated and the active constituents of neem have been demonstrated to unequivocally have...

Colorectal Cancer NOA RATIO 13/87

Epigenetic Silencing In Human Colon Cancer Cells By Neem

Both SCNE and nimbolide suppressed the proliferation of colon cancer cells by inducing epigenetic modifications.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease NOA RATIO = 28/72

Neem Leaf Extract Decreases TNF-Α And IL-6 Expressions

It can be concluded that neem leaf extract decreased the expression of TNF-α and IL-6 in DSS-induced colitis.

Diabetes II NOA RATIO = 38/62

Neem In Subjects With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

NEEM may significantly ameliorate hyperglycemia, endothelial dysfunction, and systemic inflammation, on top of what metformin could...

Breast Cancer NOA RATIO = 24/76

Neem Induces Apoptosis in Human Breast Cancer

The results showed that NSO inhibits the growth of human breast cancer cells via induction of apoptosis and G1 phase arrest. Collectively...

Breast Cancer NOA RATIO = 24/76

Neem Leaf Induces Apoptosis in 4T1 Breast Cancer

The findings showed that neem leaf extract induces apoptosis in 4T1 breast cancer BALB/c mice.

Cervical Cancer NOA Imbalance

Apoptotic effect of Neem in cases of cervical cancer

Neem is a potent inducer of apoptosis in biopsies of cervical cancer patients.

Prostate Cancer NOA RATIO = 32/68

Anticancer Effects Of Neem On Prostate Cancer

Western blot studies indicated that treatment with neem extract showed decreased level of Bcl-2, which is anti-apoptotic protein and...

Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma NOA Imbalance

Neem for therapeutic targets in head and neck squamous...

Our results indicate that neem extract affects various important molecular signaling pathways in head and neck cancer cells, some...

Stomach Cancer NOA Imbalance

Neem Protects Against Gastric Carcinogenesis

From the results of our study, we suggest that ethanolic neem leaf extract may exert its chemopreventive effects by modulating lipid...

Generalized Anxiety Disorder NOA RATIO = 34/66

Neem reduces anxiety without causing motor side effects

Whereas both neem and diazepam reduced anxiety in complex ethological behavioural indices, only neem produced anxiolysis without motor...

Stomach Cancer NOA Imbalance

Chemoprotective effects of neem against MNNG-induced oxidative...

Our results demonstrate that neem leaf exerts its chemoprotective effects on MNNG- induced oxidative stress by decreasing lipid peroxidation...

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