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Snakebite NOA Imbalance

Snake venom inhibitor from Neem

The present study shows that AIPLAI holds good promise for the development of novel anti-snake venom drug in future.

Neurological Diseases NOA Imbalance

Phytochemicals from Neem against Neurological Disorders

This review is an attempt to cover the neuroprotective properties of various phytochemicals from Neem along with their mechanism of...

Oral Cancer NOA Imbalance

Nimbolide modulation of the signalling pathway in oral...

Development of phytochemicals such as nimbolide that target the complex interaction between proteins and ncRNAs that regulate the...

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome NOA RATIO = 33/67

Nimbolide protects against acute respiratory distress syndrome

Collectively, these results indicate that TNF-α-regulated NF-κB and HDAC-3 crosstalk was ameliorated by nimbolide with promising anti-nitrosative,...

Breast Cancer NOA RATIO = 24/76

Nimbolide epigenetically regulates autophagy and apoptosis...

Thus, our findings imply that nimbolide induces autophagy mediated apoptotic cell death in breast cancer with epigenetic modifications.

Bladder Cancer NOA Imbalance

Nimbolide Represses The Invasion Of Bladder Carcinoma

Overall, our study indicates that nimbolide is a potential chemotherapeutic agent for bladder cancer.

Nasopharyngeal Cancer NOA Imbalance

Nimbolide induces apoptosis in human nasopharyngeal cancer

Nimbolide induces apoptosis in human NPC cells and is a potential chemopreventive agent against NPC proliferation.

Scleroderma Fibrosis NOA Imbalance

Nimbolide ameliorates fibrosis and inflammation in scleroderma

Although further mechanistic studies are required, our study displays nimbolide for the first time as a potent antifibrotic agent...

Arthritis NOA RATIO = 37/63

Evaluation of antiarthritic activity of nimbolide

Hence, nimbolide may be used as a potent therapeutic drug in treating rheumatoid arthritis.

Liver Cancer NOA RATIO = 24/76

Nimbolide induced apoptosis in human hepatocellular carcinoma

This study indicated the antitumor potential of nimbolide in human hepatocellular carcinoma cells.

Lung Cancer NOA Imbalance

Nimbolide Suppresses Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cell Invasion

Therefore, nimbolide may act as a novel drug to inhibit NSCLC invasion and metastasis through manipulation of ERK1/2 signaling and...

Myocarditis NOA Imbalance

Nimbolide Prevents Myocardial Damage

Therefore, the finding of current work was that nimbolide has a defensive effect on the myocardium against DOX-induced cardiac tissue...

Pulmonary Fibrosis NOA Imbalance

Nimbolide, An Autophagy Regulator, In Ameliorating Pulmonary...

Our study demonstrates Nimbolide as a potent anti-fibrotic agent and its ability to regulate fibrosis associated autophagy.

Acute Pancreatitis NOA Imbalance

Nimbolide ameliorates pancreatic inflammation

These results suggest that NB exerts strong anti-pancreatitis effects against cerulein-induced AP by combating inflammatory and apoptosis...

Osteosarcoma NOA Imbalance

Nimbolide Inhibits Cell Migration In Osteosarcoma

Nimbolide has potential as an anti-tumor drug given its multifunctional effects in OS. Collectively, these results help us to understand...

Pancreatic Cancer NOA RATIO = 29/71

Nimbolide inhibits pancreatic cancer growth and metastasis

Overall, our data suggest that nimbolide can serve as a potential chemo-therapeutic agent for pancreatic cancer.

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