Rett: There Is Hope

The story behind Rett Syndrome is complicated. It involves a devastating genetic affliction that starts with young girls and includes incredible family dynamics, groundbreaking treatment, care and science. The film focuses on three Rett girls and their families, the Rett Syndrome Research Trust's efforts to find a cure and the optimism surrounding treatments and forward thinking scientific breakthroughs

It is a unique developmental disorder that is first recognized in infancy and is the leading cause of severe impairment in girls. It causes problems in brain function that are responsible for cognitive, sensory, emotional, motor and autonomic function. It has been most often misdiagnosed as autism, cerebral palsy, or non-specific developmental delay. It strikes all racial and ethnic groups, and occurs worldwide in 1 of every 10,000 to 23,000 female births. It is Rett Syndrome and, surprisingly, the general public still doesn't know very much about it.