The Lighthouse of the Orcas

The Spanish film shows the boundless limits of a mother’s love when a desperate mother travels to Argentina with her autistic son to see a pod of orcas —the only thing he’s expressed emotion towards.

Then a second miracle happened. Thousands of kilometers away, a 9-year-old boy who had never spoken up to that moment started to pat the TV screen, exclaiming “Me! Me!”, pointing to Bubas and the orcas in a documentary about the biologist’s work with the whales. Agustín’s stunned parents took him to Valdés Peninsula. Bubas wrote a book based on that story, “Agustín Open Heart,” now becoming a movie.

Agustín, the boy that had been diagnosed with autism, is now 19, is an artist, attends university and has a girlfriend. Asked about this boy’s recovery, Bubas says that perhaps it wasn’t him that had a condition, but that the world is ill. Indeed. Perhaps there is a case of collective autism that prevents us from knowing the world we live in.